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The Vyshnavi Chetana PU Science College established in 1987, is one of the premier institutions in the State of Karnataka. The College is affiliated to the Karnataka State Pre University Board, Bangalore. Since its inception, the college has grown by leaps and bounds. It has become a synonym for “Value based higher education”. The institution is committed to the principles of equity, excellence, discipline and secularism. It has thrown its doors open to students of all communities.

Success in Sri Vyshnavi Chetana PU Science College is not defined just in terms of academic excellence, but in directing its educational efforts to make future leaders, with a holistic combination of intellectual prowess. While we don't compromise on academics, we aim at forming students with social concern, conscience, compassion and personal and moral values. Down the years, Sri Vyshnavi Chetana college have made our institution and our nation proud. Our students have contributed positively to the society at large.

Best Science PU College in Davangere

Best Education System

Our goal in education is to provide every Student with the opportunity to develop holistically and maximise his or her potential. In creating opportunities for all.

Best Science PU College in Davangere


Sri Vyshnavi Chetana College provides following facilities: Classrooms, Free Book Bank, Central Library, Hostel, Transport, Sports (Indoor, outdoor), Cafeteria, Central Computing Facility,Central Workshops.

Best Science PU College in Davangere

Experienced Staff

The quality of the academic staff is decisive for the quality of the college. At Sri Vyshnavi Chetana College the members of the academic staff come from accomplished backgrounds with vast experience in the field of education that have shaped many of minds.

Who We Are

Sri Vyshnavi Chetana PU Science College offers a wide range of course combinations for pre-university education and promises exciting and rewarding opportunities that ensure holistic development in a student. Here, you will be an active partner in a shared enterprise to face the ever-changing world with greater confidence.

Our Mission

Our purpose and mission is to deliver quality education in a holistic manner, to create a well - rounded personality in every student. We believe that Education shapes one’s destiny.

Our promise

As leaders and pioneers in education, the excellence of our learning system and the success, which we are able to generate, for over 21 years. is testimony to our capability in shaping tomorrow’s responsible global citizens We pride ourselves that we can offer the best education possible.

Our Leadership

An education par excellence with a passion and deep commitment to promote learning, the promoter Smt.V.Vijayalakshmi has set an exemplary record in nurturing students to reach their academic goals, winning increasing acceptance among both the parents and student community.

Our Excellence

The world-class residential education system here is enabling students from Karnataka and neighbouring states to gain access to the most advance teaching facilities empowered by topnotch faculty.

We build great platform for
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Our Team

Meet our management team. They guide our Group in our quest to achieve our Goals. Top level Management team of Chetana Group consists of Young, Dynamic and Renowned Professionals. They are recognized as innovative thinkers, talented problem solvers and Experts from all walks of life. This team is highly Motivated to providing Education. Chetana Group of Colleges appoints highly Qualified & Professionally Experienced faculty staff members for students and they are strongly committed to bringing together academic excellence and outstanding corporate engagement for the advantage of students, and ensuring that the student experience is designed with the benefit of multiple perspectives.

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Sri Vyshnavi Chetana PU Science College

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Sri Vyshnavi Chetana PU Science College

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